Broadway World, August 2016

"Sarah Murdoch is continuing to establish herself as a formidable voice on the downtown music scene. "

AXS interview, December 2016

"I know so many talented people... So, I thought, why not get them together to raise money for organizations that can enact positive changes?"


Y-Clad Chat Interview, August 2016

Sarah sat down with KC Benain and Cailin Burke on their show, Y-Clad Chat, to talk about her upcoming projects, what it's like to be a performer in NYC, and her love of music. 

Parkside Lounge concert review, August 2016

"When Ms. Murdoch took the stage she performed a series of duets and solo numbers... with the perfect balance of charm and grit; the raw power of her range was truly incredible. It is easy to see how she could build a large fan base given her hypnotic--even addictive--vocal prowess."


AXS Interview, March 2016

"For a long time I felt like my career was in the hands of other people, but more and more, I'm coming to terms with the idea that I'm the one who's ultimately in control of my life and my artistic pursuits. It can be terrifying at times, but it's also incredibly liberating. And pretty fun too."